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Q: How do I get more credits?

Either you can earn credits by lending out your own stuff. Lend out 1 item, earn 1 credit. Or, if you don’t want to lend your stuff or you need something immediately, you can buy 1 credit for £2.50.

Q: Why is everything 1 credit?

At Bagsy, we set the value of an item based on people’s needs – and we believe all needs are equal. So, items are set at 1 credit to reflect one person’s unique need, rather than the retail value of the item.

Q: How do I make sure my item isn’t damaged or stolen?

When you sign up to Bagsy, you agree to Terms & Conditions and Member’s Agreement, which means you have a contractual obligation to return items in the condition you received them, by the agreed date and time.

As with all sharing economy platforms, Think Bagsy relies on a certain level of trust. To help establish this trust and help users to build their reputation, we’ve implemented a two-way review system between lenders and borrowers, so you can rate someone based on your experience with them.

If you have any conflicts, for example if someone doesn’t return your item, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will discuss the appropriate next steps.

Q: How do I share stuff while maintaining social distancing?

Given the current circumstances, it’s important to maintain social distancing guidelines as outlined by the government at all times. We suggest a socially distanced drop off – put the item down and step back by two metres while the borrower picks it up.

Always maintain strict personal hygiene standards including wearing a face mask and washing your hands before and after dropping off/collecting an item.

Needless to say, if you or anyone in your house is self-isolating or showing symptoms of Covid-19, do not borrow items or lend out your own items under any circumstances.