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think bagsy sharing platform

Borrow what you need right now,
for free.

Save money. Save space. Save the planet.

Tired of buying things you only use once? Stop consuming and start contributing towards a more sustainable community.

Think Bagsy connects you to the things you need, when you need them, from a ladder, to an airbed, to speakers, to a bike pump – all for free.

Because why buy when you can Bagsy?

Benefits of Borrowing

Save money.

Borrow what you need, for free, instead of throwing your hard-earned money away.

Save space.

De-clutter your life by sharing what you need within your community.

Save the planet.

End the mindless consumption of our society and choose to live in sustainable abundance.

Hi, we are Lottie and Abbie

Our mission is to allow people in our communities to live more sustainably and help save money in the current economic crisis by sharing and borrowing what we need from one another.

A little while ago we were thinking “if only there was a way to borrow exactly what you need from your neighbours, without having to know them personally already.”

And so… we launched Think Bagsy, a community based sharing platform that connects you with what you need from members in your local area, for free.

So, if like us, you are trying to live more sustainably, want to connect with your local community and you’re keen to save some money along the way, please sign up and follow us!

So, how does it work?

Sign up

Register for your Think Bagsy account today, for free, by adding an item you are happy to lend and receive 1 free credit which allows you to borrow 1 item.


Rummage through our treasure trove of items to see what is available to borrow in your area and when.


Once you’ve found what you need, spend 1 credit to borrow the item when you want it.


Earn 1 credit every time you lend an item, so that you lend to get what you need, not spend to get what you need.

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How Think Bagsy can help you…

Our ambition is to help us all to live more sustainably, as well as save money, by sharing within our community.

Think Bagsy will provide you with a friendly and convenient alternative to consumerism, allowing you to borrow exactly what you need, when you need it, as well as connect with your neighbours. From toastie makers to lawn mowers, why buy it when you can Bagsy it?

We write a regular newsletter which is our way of building our own community, with musings and local news to brighten your day. Sign up today!

What Happy Borrowers Say…

“I needed to clean our skylight for about 2 years but didn’t want to buy a ladder just for that one task. I borrowed a ladder on Bagsy and got the job done in one day!”

Liam, SW4

“I had my nieces over for the weekend and they wanted to do some baking. I literally have no bakeware but luckily was able to borrow everything I needed from Bagsy before they arrived – phew!”

Claire, SE24